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3604- Cross Wheel Spanner (Automotive & Lubricating)

  • A handuy four way wheel spanner for medium duty work and competitively priced

  • Very suitable for Promotions and home garages

  • Square drive spanner with a socket on three sides and a half inch on the fourth side

Art No. Size(mm) Length x Dia (mm)
3604.50 17x19x21x23 350x14mm
3604.55 17x19x21x13/16" 350x14mm
3604.35 17x19x21x23 380x16mm
3604.40 17x19x21x13/16" 380x16mm
3604.45 5/8x3/4x13/16,7/8" 350x16mm
3604.60 11/16,3/4,13/16,7/8" 350x15mm
3604.65 11/16,3/4,13/16,7/8" 500x15mm

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